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On Fujian's Open Development

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Excerpts from the Report on the Work of Fujian Provincial People’s Government   

Delivered at the First Session of the 13th Fujian Provincial People’s Congress on January 26, 2018   

Tang Dengjie   

Governor of the Fujian Provincial People’s Government   


1. A review of our work in the past five years  

We made further progress in opening-up and cooperation.  

We secured notable success in preparing for and providing detail-attentive services and security for the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, and the "BRICS+ effect has become more and more evident. 

We supported enterprises to explore international markets, boosted quality imports and exports, and stepped up the development of new forms of trade such as integrated foreign trade service.

We attracted foreign investment in a more targeted manner, registering an average annual growth rate of 6.2% in paid-in FDI.  

We encouraged more qualified enterprises to go global and saw a 32.8% rise on average per year in outbound investment.  

We deepened cooperation with Hong Kong and Macau on business, science and technology, culture and other areas.  

Our connections with the outside world and overseas Fujian communities injected fresh vigor into our economic and social development. 

Initiatives to assist in the development of Tibet, Xinjiang and Ningxia autonomous regions proved successful. 

2. Pursuing open development and expanding horizons of mutually beneficial cooperation  

We will work faster to build the core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR).   

We will enhance connections, cultural exchanges, as well as business and maritime cooperation with countries and regions along the MSR for greater connectivity in policy, infrastructure, trade, finance, and people-to-people exchanges.  

We will fully leverage platforms such as China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) and China-ASEAN Expo to expand business exchanges and pilot the setup of business liaison offices in key countries and regions along the route.  

We will further develop port areas, sea routes and intermodal transportation channels in a bid to foster a stronger synergy between the overland and maritime routes of the silk road.  

We will lend greater support to getting the Historic Monuments and Sites of Ancient Quanzhou (Zayton) inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.  

We will encourage our competitive industries to engage in international cooperation on production capacity, and move faster to develop overseas economic and trade cooperation zones and turn them into shining examples of the MSR cooperation. 

We will accelerate the development of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ).   

We aim to intensify the reform and opening-up of the FTZ by keeping our practices in line with advanced international standards. We will introduce and integrate innovative measures in the areas of business, investment, trade and finance, and disseminate applicable practices to the rest of the province.  

We will step up the development of Fuzhou industrial base for the Internet of Things, Xiamen Aircraft Maintenance Center, and Pingtan International Tourism Island.    

We will raise the open economy to a higher level.   

We will further expand into international markets and broaden the channel to connect both traditional and emerging markets.  

We will support transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade sector by improving export supply and quality.  

We will foster new business forms and models of trade at a faster pace and propel the development of integrated foreign trade service, market procurement and cross-border e-commerce.  

We will push forward innovation-driven development of trade in services and expand the scope and scale of offshore outsourcing business.  

We will effectively increase imports through the platform of China International Import Expo.  

We will accelerate establishing International Trade Single Window 3.0, and advance customs clearance reform by promoting "mutual exchange of information, mutual recognition of supervision, and mutual assistance in law enforcement” to further open up ports.  

We will attract investment and high-caliber professionals, implement the system of pre-establishment national treatment plus a negative list, and bring in more major projects and quality projects from industry leaders.  We will support enterprises to enhance their operation in an international environment.  

We will join hands with Hong Kong and Macao to explore markets along the Belt and Road, deepening cooperation on modern service industries and other areas.