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Shijie Temple Scenic Spot

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-27 word size:T | T

  Undertaken by: Chengxiang District Tourism Bureau, Putian City

  Location of Project: Donghai Town, Chengxiang District, Putian City

  Reasons and Conditions for Construction::

  The temple locates in the south Putian and is adjacent to Meizhou Bay and has convenient communication. The climate is clouding and warm and there are abundant vegetations and animals as well as the highest fall in Putian. It’s an old temple with a history more than 1000 years and has good existent and potential visitor foundation.

  Content and Scale of Construction:

  The total developing area reaches more than 5000 mu. It proposed to establish the religion pilgrimage section, the Qunfeng Lake water amusement section, the tribute tea viewing and admiring section, the tour belt through the brook, the four-season flowers and fruits section and the folk-custom appreciating section. All these sections circumfuse the thousand-year ancient temple, Shijie Temple and put it in the center. To build the folk-custom showing shop, the performance house, the platform for fall viewing, the park road for traversing, the encampment for out training and the age-old cave relic etc and to plant all kinds of ecological forests and fruits garden with peach, bamboo and plum etc for about 1000 mu.

  Total Investment: USD 18 million

  Way of Investment: cooperation

  Progress of Preliminary Work:

  The feasibility research report and the project registering and establishment as well as the general programming have completed. The water, electricity and roads are in proper order and parts of projects have been built.

  Project Contact Person: Fang Weifan

  Tel: 0594-2680079

  Fax: 0594-2697808