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Four-star Tourism Hotel in Hanjiang District

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-27 word size:T | T

  Undertaken by: Hanjiang District Tourism Bureau

  Location of Project: Baitang Lake Scenic Spot

  Reasons and Conditions for Construction::

  The hotel is proposed to locate in Baitang scenic spot, which is full of developing potential and has convenient communication and abundant sights both of nature and civilization. It also possesses the biggest natural lake in Fujian Province and the beautiful sight of “autumn moon on Baitang pool”, which is one of the famous “24 scenes” in Putian. After the construction, the scenic spot is bound to be a large viewing zone with the characters of water village in south China. There are nearly 800 plants and companies around the scenic spot. It is intending to accept 350 thousand person-time tourists per year. The annual consumption in tourism and amusement will up to RMB 23 million Yuan. So the economic profit will be remarkable if a luxury hotel with several functions built here.

  Content and Scale of Construction:

  To set up a luxury four-star hotel with gathering functions as accommodation, meal and drinking, amusement, physical therapy and sauna, emporium, supermarket and commerce conference service. The hotel is proposed to be a 15-stored building with a land occupation area of 30 mu and a construction area of 28000 m2.

  Estimation of Economic Performance:

  After the construction of the project, the profit margin to investment can be 20.3%, the profits and taxes margin can be 23.8%, the inner financial profit margin can be 16% (after taxes) and the investment payback period will be 8.5 years.

  Total Investment: USD 12 million

  Way of Investment: joint venture or sole proprietorship

  Progress of Preliminary Work: the work of land levying, programming, examining and approving of the project has been embarked on in succession.

  Project Contact Person: Wu Yinshan

  Tel: 0594-3394300

  Fax: 0594-3597597