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Guian Hot Spring Tourist and Holiday Zone Ecological & Agricultural Tour

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-27 word size:T | T

  1. Undertaken by: Lianjiang County Tourism Bureau

  2. Location of Project: Pandu Town, Lianjiang County

  3. Reasons and Conditions for Construction:

  Guian is 28 km from Fuzhou with convenient transport. The zone possesses unique natural resources of hot spring, mountain, water and soil, as well as rich historical origins and perfect reciprocal conditions. The zone now has Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Course, Fujian Swimming Training Centre, Provincial Government Agricultural Tour Park, Garden-style Outdoor Hot Spring Tourist Zone, Xixi Hot Spring Forest Park and Meijia Hot Spring Tourist Villas.

  4. Scale and Content of Construction:

  The plan covers land area 1000 mu. The eco-agricultural tour patterns in Taiwan, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai will be used for comprehensive development of the project. We plan to develop and build the project in 5 years to be a state-class agricultural tourist demonstration project integrating functions of holiday, sightseeing, leisure, recreation and popular science education.

  5. Total Investment: USD 4 million

  6. Way of Investment: joint venture or sole proprietorship

  7. Economic Benefit Analysis: Annual profit RMB 7 million Yuan, investment payback period 5 years.

  8. Progress of Preliminary Work: concept planning and feasibility study on the project were completed.

  9. Project Contact Person: Lin Wen

  Tel: 0591-26232651

  Fax: 0591-26233966