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Zhangzhou Zhangpu Gulei Coast Tourist Resort

Source:Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Time:2014-08-27 word size:T | T

  Project Sponsor:Zhangpu County Tourism Bureau

  Site of the Project: Gulei Town, Zhangpu County, Fujian Province

  In Charge of the Project:

  Person in Charge of the Project: Qiu Zhimin

  Tel: (86)596-3221415, 3202609

  Reasons and Conditions for Construction:

  On Gulei Peninsular, the quality of sand on the beach is fine, the sand is white and the seawater is clear. Furthermore, ecological environment surround which is wonderful. The forestation and vegetation of land area is good. From Gulei Mountain to the sloping fields on the foot of it, the infrastructure of the whole scenic spot is so good that there is suitable to be constructed to form a large and comprehensive tourist district. On the sea, there are 108 scenes made of red and abrasive granite, which has been listed in the major constructive project of Gulei Harbor District in Zhangzhou, Fujian. Gulei Harbor District will be constructed to become the biggest emerging industrial city whose signed amount of capital to be invested in these projects sum up to RMB 20 billions. The constructive progress of scenic spot can be preceded together with the development of Harbor District.

  Scale and Contents for Construction:

  From Gulei cove westward to Xindu former line (provincial road), land scope is 5,800 mu of dimension. On the sea scope located at east side of Gulei Peninsular from coast to 2-8 kilometers distance, there are 18 islands and islets, such as Shazhou, Hong Islets, Jing'an, Cai Islet, Heng Islet, Waiying, Neiying and so on, distributed as crescent. It is mainly planed to construct projects of sightseeing, humane pilgrimage, convalescent vacation, sea entertainment and so on.

  Total Investment:40 million US dollars

  Mode of Investment: Sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperative operation

  Economic Benefit Analysis: Estimated the yearly visitors will be 800 thousand person-times, and the total annual income will be RMB 80 million yuan. The investment recovery period is to be 9 years.

  Progress of Preliminary Work: The planning has been completed.