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Deep Bonds with Overseas Chinese and Taiwan Compatriots

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Fujian is a well-known ancestral home of overseas Chinese, of whom about 15.8 million in over 180 countries and regions around the world are of Fujian origin. With their diligence, wisdom and courage, they made significant contribution to economic and social development of their host countries. They also serve as an important bridge to link up Fujian with the rest of the world.

Fujian also has profound historical links with Taiwan. Geographically, the province is in proximity to Taiwan, which facilitates frequent people-to-people exchanges. With its close ties and complementarities with Taiwan, the province is stepping up efforts for more mutually beneficial cooperation. Activities themed on ancestral culture, kinship, folk custom, education, tourism, or other areas keep flowing across the Straits. And the Straits Forum has become a major platform for non-governmental cross-Straits communication. Pingtan Island, an offshore island on the eastern waters of Fujian and China’s fifth largest islands, is the Chinese mainland-governed island closest to Taiwan, and serves as a harmonious home for people on both sides of the Straits. In the near future, Pingtan will develop into an international tourism island.